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Fredrik Larsson


The accidental artist that has been awarded Minister of Art and Jump (www.ministryofart.se) for a virtual state. He literally quit as artist three times, but started over every time. He could also put on his business card; Ex-President, Producer, Technical informant, Writer and General Manager. The latter could be interpreted as if he generally doesn't know how to manage... But he tries.


As Minister of Art he has performed HopArt-jumps into more lakes, rivers, seas and oceans than anyone else dressed in a suite. He calls it "a life-long performance tour". On an every day basis he runs his artistry through the Ministry News-blog (www.ministryofart.se/blog). 


Over the last decade or so Larsson has been working with historic research in the fields of Virtual History as a way of finding out the truth about his birth-town and the true order of things. Much to the surprise of the audience... Most of his artistic strifes deals with constant and humoristic challenges towards alternative thought patterns and to explore the individuals understanding of the subject reality.


He is very stubborn, but still, a very modest man and withholds a jest-ful non-professional attitude - and his sense of fair-play. He never underestimates the power of very stupid people in large groups (or in solitude for that matter). He's been known to not take no for an answer. Perhaps he'll change his stubborn ways, but he doubt's it. When people agrees with him, he gets the feeling of being wrong. He is mostly in a hurry, but yet he's still a patient man. On his spare time he likes to spend time with friends and family, chop wood, drive his tractor and home-improving on his farm.


Minister of Art & Jump also believes that he can enter a transitional state of mind when drinking fermented liquids. This is his firm belief and he has solved more world-problems doing just that, than anyone else he knows of. Even without this he's a constant source of good ideas. He has the solution for the so-called "illegal online downloads" - but no one cares...


He firmly believes that if the supernatural didn't exists - it probably would have been invented. As a youngster he listened to mind-expanding music as Pink Floyd, Ultravox and Pete Shelley. As he grew older he kept on doing so but also added music like Police, Talking Heads, Human League and Kraftwerk to his favorite kind of music. But let's face it, there's not enough room here to list all the music he likes, or the artists, or the authors, or the books. Let's just say that there is a good part of the universe that serves as an inspiration.





"There is only two things infinite, that is the Universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the Universe."

[Albert Einstein]



Image: The picture is an action snapshot taken with the Minister of Art & Jump suspended in mid-air, during a fearless and appreciated HopArt-jump in 2002. As you can see the crowd was fairly numerous. Local police estimated the audience to 5000. It was a (very) streamy water with hard undercurrent and a rescue-boat was issued to catch the Minister after surfacing, to avoid fatality in the intakes of a huge hydroelectric powerstation downstreams. That boat sure come in handy, cause DAMN...


As Minister of Art & Jump Mr Larsson has also been heading a team in the WTC (World Telekinesis Competition) in Canada - Victoria, B.C.


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