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All members haven't a full bio yet, it is ongoing and will fill up as soon as possible. Familirize yourself with the different artists in the NovelArt Network, some famed some future.



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Fredrik Larsson




Writer, Artist, Minister, Producer (WAMP). A PR-man that went rogue. Larsson is the Founder and General Manager of NovelArt. He quit art three times, but had to face the inevitable... As an artist he runs "Ministry of Art & Jump", est. 1999. In 2002 he started a life-long Performance Tour (HopArt), in 2005 he accidently started the biannual exhibition "the Eslöv Biennale". In 2006 he started an on-line literary experiment (The Ministry News Blog). He is the Ex-President of an infamous free-state and micro nation.



Walter Ehresman




Long-time multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and performer in Austin, Texas, finding inspiration for art in swimming against the regressive tide of Texas Bushism.  About to release his 12 solo album, not including his various band projects over the years. Ehresman spent over a decade attempting to enforce environmental laws in a state that didn't really want them enforced. Producer, writer, editor, DJ, Burning Man artist and Ladonian Eternal Minister of Chilies and Dubious Anthems.



Kicki von Hankell


Image: Kicki and the founder at a summer excursion.


In short Kicki is a multi-artist and former President of Ladonia. Creativity is her leading principle. She is a humanistic explorer. Pictures are her life. She loves white, spirituality, purity. Her next artistic challenge is "the White World" - to travel to the North to explore the existence, again and again.



Uwe Max Jensen



Artist, theorist, journalist. As an artist Uwe Max Jensen is working with performance, happenings and cultural critique. He has worked in several European countries and are represented at MAMCo, Geneve, Switzerland with two pieces and at Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art in Turku, Finland with the installation "Duchamp Machine".



Håkan Lidbo



Mr Lidbo has released about 250 records. His major musical influences are himself, as he made so much music. Other influences of his creativity are art, architecture, jesus, buddha, his daughter, and clever people in general. Also inspired by artists that re-invent themeselves and never stick to the same thing.  



Per Nordahl



Singer, songwriter, with hardrock and synth experiences. Amateur photographer and would-be author. Per has played with several bands and have been singer/ songwriter in two.



Magnus Peterson



Magnus works in many respects with pictures that shows the "invisible" or the "unreal". One of his tools are an underwater radar, instead of camera - when he produces pictures that no eye or even camera ever has "seen".


Jeremy Turner



Artist, musician, producer out of Vancouver, Canada.  Jeremy has a long career within the virtual online communities and has been working with and specializing in on-line Avatars for a decade! Currently pursuing a Masters degree. And currently he's thinking "PhD"... 



Lars Vilks



Artist, theorist, professor, lawbreaker. Amongst others Lars has since 1980 been working on his landart piece "Nimis" ("too much"), which has generated a new country, and several lawsuites for building sculptures in a nature reserve.



David Yanagisawa



David works with new ways of making music. He builds weird and technicaly extremely advanced instruments that can create music in a way most people don't even understand. He works with iPods, mobile phones and much more.




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