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David Yanagisawa


David was born in Lund, Sweden, and best described as a hybrid between a music composer and a software designer/developer. At the age of seven, David started taking piano lesson for cantor Emily Lundgren, and later for cantor Siegward Ledel. David has worked as a free-lance composer and a music teacher. During the last years his interest in digital music instruments and software engineering has led in him into the fields of interactive sound design and audio software development. In 2007 he created an experimental color-music instrument which is called a Toncolarium. It’s a visual water instrument made of acrylic glass which combines colors and light from RGB LEDs with tones, sound and music. A prototype was exhibited at the International Computer Music Conference in Copenhagen in August 2007. http://home.brikks.com/dykun/toncolarium/ 




David is currently working with audio-related applications for mobile devices like the iPhone.



Image: David relaxing in the comfort of his studio.


Present project

Davids latest project "The Floating Soundscape" is for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The purpose is to create an advanced synthesizer for the iPhone with an alternative interface for composing music using algorithmic composition techniques and synaesthetic connections between color, shape, tone and sound. The application will be a kind of hybrid between a musical instrument and a computer game. The plan is to publish "The Floating Soundscape" on iTunes in the middle of June 2009.


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