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Jeremy Turner is Canadian, born in Victoria, British Columbia. Jeremy is a performance artist living in Vancouver with his wife and son. He is also a music composer and writer in virtual worlds such as Second Life, World of Warcraft and Digitalspace Traveler. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Arts Degree at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. This comes natural after his long career within the virtual on-line communities. Jeremy has been working with on-line Avatars for very long without actually having inventing the phenomena.


Since the end of 2008 Mr Turner is very busy earning his MA and are aming to get his PhD as well. Nose is, as always, firmly applied to the grindstone. Jeremy has a long habit of loosing sleep with the aid of electronic devises (like laptops and other computers).


Jeremy is a member of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, an virtual orchestra with members all over the world that meets every week at their own place in Second Life. They perform virtual concerts with their own songs written by the members and even performed "live" via Internet on various places around the world.


He has a past as a Digital Archivist, Art-Historian, Avatar Performance Artist and Net Researcher. His degree from the University of Victoria was in Art-History and Music Composition. As "Wirxli FlimFlam", Turner has just co-formed a new avatar performance art group in Second Life called Second Front - http://www.slfront.blogspot.com


He has completed a contract about Telecommunications Art-History (the Slow-Scan TV Video-conferencing art-scene) on behalf of the Open Space Arts Society in Victoria, Canada.


He is also an interdisciplinary artist, writer , composer and curator. He is a Co-Founder of the 536 Media Collective in Vancouver. On behalf of 536, Turner worked with the iKatun Collective (Boston) and Jessica Loseby (U.K.) to form the Digital Pocket Gallery.


In addition, he is a Co-Producer of the very first Machinima Documentary, "AVATARA". The other Producers are Donato Mancini and Flick Harrison.


His main art blogs are:







His current interests include Avatars, Bots, and Nanotechnology.



Image: Jeremy basking in the sun in North Hollywood with the local gourmey speciality "Bubbly tea".



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