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Håkan has been called "mighty Swedish producer of all things electronic" and "from Stockholm". When he´s called a "communist, he frowns and says "No, it’s just company policy". Fact is that Håkan has released over" 250 records on numerous labels like: shitkatapult, force tracks, pokerflat, ministry of sound, moody, plastic city, loaded, skint, paper, lasergun, moon harbour (and then some). He has also produced other artists like: Fatboy Slim, Depeche Mode, Yello, Kool Keith, Trentemøller, Si Begg and many others.

According to contemporary sources his major musical influences are: himself (since he's made so much music). Otherwise the following musical artists has made a strong impact on Mr Lidbo over the years: Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Giörgi Ligety, Igor Stravinskij, Kraftwerk, Holger Hiller, Peter Thomas, Yello, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Brian Eno. They have all pushed him forward. Other influences of Håkans creativity are: art, architecture, jesus, buddha, his daughter, and clever people in general.

His music is also inspired by artists like Jamie Lidell, Björk, Jimi Tenor and Matthew because they constantly re-invent themeselves, they never stick to the same thing. (This also applies to Håkan who has a vast and weirdly varied production with a multitude of aliases).



But, when do one decide to be a musician? Håkan tells us: "When I drove my car in 1986, I suddenly realised that I would work with music for all my life. There was no special reason, nothing special happened, I just realised that and drove on.“


Håkan also hosts "Ström", an electronica program on Swedish National Radio, and arranges the new electronic music festival "Voltfestivalen".


Check out Håkans website at: http://hakanlidbo.com/


Voltfestivalen is present on: http://www.myspace.com/voltfestivalen






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