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Walter Ehresman


A long-time Austin, Texas musician whose been plowing his own musical furrow for 30 years. Always experimenting with new approaches to songs and sound collages, Ehresman has released 12 solo albums to date, another three with his band Snipe Hunt (www.reverbnation.com/walterehresman), and an EP with Los Platos (featuring the enigmatic Texacala Jones).


Walters songs have also appeared on several compilations in the US. Starting out as a lead guitarist, Ehresman has self-taught his way to bass, keyboards, percussion, theremin and a myriad of uncommon stringed instruments (oud, saz, bouzouki, rawap, setar, mandola, mandolin, mandocello, 6-string banjo, MIDI guitar). Ehresman acts as engineer and producer for all his own releases, and has done the same for 3 startling albums by Austin iconoclast Steve Jones (who records under the name Slingshot Chicken).


Ehresman performs in a variety of settings around Central Texas: as a solo performer doing his singer/songwriter material but also doing experimental ambient pieces on exotic world music instruments; as a duo with Brit expatriot Nigol Jacobs (on persussion, bass, and electric violin); and as lead guitarist with Delphi Rising (www.myspace.com/delphirisingband).


Deeply dedicated to the art of songwriting, Ehresman's lyrics range from socio-political screeds to intimate looks at the failings and flailings of interperson relationships, from the micro to the macro. He may ask you to pull his finger. Don’t.





Walter also have a Soundcloud:




His most recent album, "Life Outside the Tent," (his 14:th) was released in May of 2012.



Image: Walter playing at Center Camp Cafe at 'Burning Man', 2007. It might look like he's about to be eaten by Triffids... However he found comfort in his mini-icechest of tallboy German lagers.



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